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Awesome Adventures Fiji: Coconut Cruiser - 7 days, 6 nights, 3 islands

Based entirely in the Yasawa Islands, this package will ensure you see the best of this stunning Fiji region. You will travel from one island in paradise to the next. The ultimate holiday!

See the best of the Yasawa Islands on the Coconut Cruiser! This package suits any budget with the 1, 2 and 3 coconut rating system (1 being more basic and 3 being more luxurious). See below for more details on the coconut rating system, which will help you decide which package is for you. There is also a ‘Full Monty’ option available for people travelling on 1 or 2 coconut package. The ‘Full Monty’ option follows the same itinerary but has a lot of added extras like meals and activities. If you are looking for a complete package with inclusions like snorkelling, sailing, Fijian culture and hiking then choose the Full Monty version of the package to ensure all your activities are planned and paid for before you arrive. A hassle-free and fun way to see Fiji!

•See the whole length of the Yasawas
•Visit the famous Blue Lagoon Region
•Amazing snorkelling and diving locations
•Spectacular scenery
•‘Postcard’ Fiji beaches
•Plenty of optional activities

Please note: some Full Monty activities are only available at certain resorts.
-Guided summit walk
-Reef snorkelling/swim with the shark’s 
-Guided kayaking.
-Sunset tube cruise 
-Fijian cooking lesson
-Swim with the manta rays
-Blue Lagoon snorkelling trip by boat
-Sawailau Caves Trip
-Village visit
-Awesome Adventures sulu or cap
-Mai Yasawa Book


What is 1 coconut accommodation?
Dorms and Bures.
The accommodation is typically basic but usually in really beautiful locations. Often these resorts do not have hot water however; the local water supply is tepid. More than likely, you will have a fan as opposed to air-conditioning. All these resorts are run by Yasawan Fijians who love hosting you and sharing their lives with you. Bring your own towel, soap and other necessities. Meals are included in the price. If you need a hair dryer, 1 coconut accommodation is maybe not for you! Look into a 2 or 3 coconut package if you are looking for somewhere a bit more modern.

What is 2 coconut accommodation?
Dorms and Bures.
These resorts are more modern properties with a higher standard of accommodation and amenities than the 1 coconut accommodation. Although more modern, the properties still have a strong Fijian flavour to make you feel welcome and immerse you in Fijian way of life. You could either have a fan or air-conditioning in your room and meals are included with optional upgrades. Look into a 1 coconut package if you are looking for somewhere more basic or a 3 coconut package if you’re looking for somewhere with more modcons.

What is 3 coconut accommodation?
Bures only.
Typically these are small resorts, offering a very personal experience at great value prices. On arrival, you will most likely welcomed with a cocktail, before treating yourself to a la carte or buffet dining. Many properties have a meal package plan that you pay for upon check-in at the resort. All rooms have air-conditioning or fans, ensuite bathrooms with all necessities and towels supplied. All 3 coconut resorts are right on the beach in beautiful, often secluded locations. Look into 2 or 3 coconut packages if you’re looking for accommodation a little less polished.

Days 1 & 2: Join other travellers cruising on-board the ‘Yasawa Flyer’ to the southernmost islands of the chain where you will find stunning monolithic mountains.  Activities vary depending on the property you choose but rest assured they all have a great range of activities on offer - summit walks, reef snorkelling, swim with the sharks or manta rays or take a guided kayaking trip. Depart Denarau Marina at 8:30am.

1 Coconut:
Kuata Natural Resort or Wayalailai Ecohaven Resort
2 Coconut: Mantaray Island Resort
3 Coconut: Octopus Resort or Mantaray Island Resort

Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Note: Meals at Mantaray Island Resort are not included in the package price. FJD$174 is to be paid direct to the resort upon check-in. This rate is based on 2 night’s accommodation (Day 1 & Day 2).                                  

Full Monty Inclusions: If you are staying at Kuata Natural Resort/Wayalailai Ecohaven Resort, choose 2 of 3: guided summit walk, reef snorkelling/swim with the shark’s trip OR guided kayaking. If you are staying at Mantaray Island Resort, take a sunset tube cruise (we’ll surprise you!)

Days 3 & 4: Enjoy your mid morning transfer to another slice of paradise in the Yasawas. White Sandy and Korovou Eco-Tour Resort both share the same beautiful bay and are located just a short walk from each other. Botaira Beach Resort has a stunning location all to itself – as far as the eye can see is ocean, beach, forest and sky. All three resorts are Fijian family run properties where you’ll feel at home with the owners and staff. Relaxation is the name of the game here  – beach towel or hammock, read or snooze, have a beer or wine. Of course, there are plenty of other activities to keep you busy if you'd rather not laze the day away!

1 Coconut: White Sandy Beach
2 Coconut: Korovou Eco-Tour Resort
3 Coconut: Botaira Beach Resort

Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner                                                                       

Full Monty Inclusions: If you are staying at White Sandy Beach or Korovou Eco-Tour Resort, swim with the manta rays (May to Oct) OR take a snorkel trip by boat to fantastic reef sites (Nov to Apr). If you are staying at Korovou Eco-Tour Resort, enjoy a Fijian cooking lesson.

Day 5: Board the ‘Yasawa Flyer’ for a short transfer to the northernmost area of the Yasawas - the stunning Blue Lagoon region, location of the famous Brooke Shields movie. Enjoy the island walks, magnificent beaches and coral. Hit the beach at sunset and watch for the flying fish.

1 Coconut: Nabua Lodge or Gold Coast Resort
2 Coconut: Safe Landing Resort
3 Coconut: Nanuya Island Resort or Blue Lagoon Beach Resort

Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner                                                                       

Full Monty Inclusions: Choose 2 of 3 - Sawailau Caves Trip/a snorkelling trip by boat to awesome reef sites in the Blue Lagoon/a village visit (over the next two days). NB: Village visit is not available at Gold Coast Resort.

Day 6:Go snorkelling in the Blue Lagoon or enjoy a fantastic trip to the Sawailau Caves where a short underwater swim takes you into the surreal underground cavern. The caves are limestone with a 15m high main chamber allowing natural sunlight to stream in from above, making for a spectacular experience. The caves trip is included for Full Monty guests and if you’re feeling adventurous why not upgrade to a guided Jet Ski trip to the caves.

1 Coconut:
Nabua Lodge or Gold Coast Resort
2 Coconut: Safe Landing Resort
3 Coconut: Nanuya Island Resort or Blue Lagoon Beach Resort

Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner                                                                       

Full Monty Inclusions: Choose 2 of 3 - Sawailau Caves Trip/a snorkelling trip by boat to awesome reef sites in the Blue Lagoon OR a village visit (unless already taken on Day 5). NB: Village visit is not available at Gold Coast Resort.

Day 7: Spend the morning chilling, snorkelling, kayaking or relaxing before you board the Yasawa Flyer for the scenic cruise back down through the beautiful Yasawas.  Arrive in Denarau at 5:45pm.

Meals: Breakfast and lunch (a packed lunch box for the journey)

Departs Denarau at 8:30am. Note: Departure times are subject to change

Group travel:
Awesome Adventures Fiji packages are not organised group travel: we do not take you on a ‘tour’ however, local guides are available at many of our destinations. Booking a package simply means that you can book your accommodation, transfers and activities in one easy itinerary - and don’t forget we have created these packages with what we consider to be the ‘Yasawa must-dos’, meaning you will see the best of Fiji's islands.

Sundays are a day of rest and church going in the Yasawas. This means that conducted activities are not on offer however; you are free to do activities on your own. In most villages you will be welcome to join the church service and we recommend you do – it’s an amazing experience! When travelling on a Full Monty package, your activities will be arranged around this. 

Free coach pick-ups:
We are more than happy to pick you up from your accommodation on the day of departure for the transfer to Denarau Marina. All you need to do is advise reservations on where you are staying. 

Check in:
If you want to avoid morning queues on the day of departure, you are most welcome to check in at our Port Denarau counter the day prior to departure any time after 9:30am. You will be given all the necessary documents so you can just board the vessel directly the following day. 

Meals are included for 1 and 2 coconut packages. Where an additional price is shown under ‘Meals’ these rates are per person, per night and include 3 meals per night stayed. The meal package must be taken, as there is no alternative dining places. The cost should be paid directly to the resort in Fijian dollars on check-in. If you are traveling on a 3 coconut package, your meals are not included and will need to be purchased from the resort.